About Dragon FireEye

Welcome to Dragon FireEye, the number 1 smoke detector in Hong Kong - the only smoke detector to be selected, marketed and supported specifically in Hong Kong and exclusively for the residential Hong Kong housing market that aims to protect you and your family from fire.   

Dragon FireEye smoke detectors have been manufactured to several internationally recognised standards, namely European Standard EN 14604 and are accepted by the Hong Kong Fire Services Department. The Dragon FireEye smoke detector is manufactured under a ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and have gained first class worldwide accreditations and independent 3rd party approvals from; 

  • United Kingdom - LPCB

  • France - NF

  • Germany - VDS

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Dragon FireEye Key Features; 

  • A sealed unit with a built in, 10 year lithium battery which doesn't require changing.

  • Dedicated e-commerce website for online purchasing and product support in both English and Traditional Chinese.

  • Competitive price for a smoke detector with a 10 year lifespan.

  • Free delivery to anywhere in Hong Kong via Hong Kong Post.

  • 3 year warranty

  • HK$10 per every Dragon FireEye purchased is donated to our Community Fire Safety Fund.

  • Photelectric cell to detect slow burning, smouldering fires that are common place in the home.

  • Red LED indicator to indicate a fire condition and low battery signal with silence function.

  • Operating sound level of 85 dB(A).

  • Test button for recommended weekly testing.

  • Silence button to mute the alarm and a 'sleep easy' function in the case of low battery.

  • Aesthetically pleasing white, compact unit to ensure it is unobtrusive in the home.

  • Manufacturers Instructions supplied in both English and Traditional Chinese.

  • Accepted by Hong Kong Fire Services Department.

  • Dedicated customer help email address.

  • Please note; The Dragon FireEye is designed for domestic premises only and is NOT suitable for any commercial application.

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Dragon FireEye Community Fire Safety Fund  

For every Dragon FireEye smoke detector purchased from our website we will donate HK$10 to our ‘Dragon FireEye Community Fire Safety Fund’ that will be used to purchase Dragon FireEye detectors at cost price and donated to a selected housing community group to install them in subdivided flats across Hong Kong at no cost to the residents. 

In sub divided flats there are usually excessive numbers of people who are the most vulnerable in society (including the elderly and children), illegal electric installations, high fire loading, blocked escape routes, poor ventilation and insufficient fire protection between ‘flats’ and of course, no smoke detectors either. These fire safety deficiencies coupled with the presence of smoking materials, drug/alcohol use, poor cooking arrangements including naked flames from small stoves and other ignition sources such as small convective heaters in the winter creates a high risk environment in sub divided flats.

There have been several sub divided flat fires in recent years in Hong Kong that have unfortunately resulted in the loss of several lives and many more fire related injuries and our aim is to raise awareness of these living conditions and to ensure the residents of these sub divided flats are afforded early warning of a fire to ensure they can escape. 

So by buying a Dragon FireEye smoke detector you are not only protecting you and your family from fire you are also helping other Hong Kong residents who are most at risk from fire in their home to stay safe. 

Please see the media links, images and the video below for an example of the fire safety challenges that are present in sub divided flats across Hong Kong and the typical living conditions. 

3rd party film on sub-divided flats in Hong Kong.

Warranty Information

A 3 year, non transferable warranty is provided with each Dragon FireEye sold. Return the faulty product to DragonFireEye complete with your receipt/proof of purchase, outline of fault/defect and your contact details and it shall be exchanged on a like for like basis within the 3 year period if the unit is found to be faulty. We reserve the right to replace the unit with a similar unit in the event the original unit has been discontinued. The replacement unit will continue the initial 3 year warranty period which begins from the date of purchase of the original unit. All returns are at the discretion of Dragon FireEye. 

If you have followed the troubleshooting guide and your Dragon FireEye unit is still faulty then please email; technicalsupport@dragonfireeye.com with the purchase date, proof of purchase, outline of fault and your contact details and we shall respond and provide you with the mailing details and an unique reference number to return your unit(s). Units returned without a unique reference number will not be accepted. 

Please note; product return postal rates borne by the customer are not refunded for warranty exchanges. 


To register your Dragon FireEye, please complete the form below. You only have to register your purchase if you HAVE NOT purchased your units from www.DragonFireEye.com. All purchases from the website automatically record customers details for warranty purposes. 

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Why we are selling dragon fireeye smoke detectors

According to the latest Transport and Housing Bureau of Hong Kong Housing report dated December 2017, there are;

  • In excess of 1.5 million private homes in Hong Kong housing over 4.5 million residents.

  • Over 800,000 public housing apartments housing some 2.19 million Hong Kong residents. Of these 2.19 million residents, over 600,000 of these persons are elderly (aged over 60)

  • Over 100,000 subdivided flats across Hong Kong housing over 210,000 residents mainly from low income backgrounds with more children than middle aged persons residing in such units. (The Standard 19th January 2018)

Considering the above population statistics, Hong Kong with over 7.4 million residents has the most densely populated housing in the developed world coupled with an ageing population and several groups that could be considered to be at risk from fire due to either their age or living conditions. In the majority of other developed countries; UK, US, Australia, France, Germany etc there are very strict rules for providing smoke detectors in people’s homes to ensure people are given warning if a fire were to break out. This is especially true for rented accommodation, care homes and other domestic residential homes where there are persons potentially at an increased risk from fire and landlords have a legal obligation to not only install smoke detectors in their premises but also to maintain and test them. In fact, landlords who neglect their fire safety responsibilities are prosecuted and fined and in the worst cases, imprisoned to act as a deterrent to improve residents safety and their living conditions. 

Unfortunately Hong Kong doesn’t have such provision yet for its housing stock but by buying a Dragon FireEye smoke detector you and your family should be given warning of a fire to enable you to escape safely, plus you will help others across Hong Kong who are most at risk from fire in their homes. Please CLICK HERE for a free Fire Safety Precautions in the Home Guide from Hong Kong Fire Services Department.

In the coming months we are keen to work with the Hong Kong Fire Services Department to ensure persons at risk from fire in the various housing sectors across Hong Kong are given access to high quality, low cost and low maintenance smoke detectors in their home to ensure all Hong Kong residents are given warning of fire in their home. Fire safety should be a right - not a privilege. 

Please CLICK HERE to see our latest article that was published in Around DB in May 2019 to promote the benefits of smoke detector ownership. Around DB is a leading a lifestyle magazine and online publication in Hong Kong focusing on Discovery Bay and Lantau Island.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How are my Dragon FireEye smoke detectors delivered?

A1. We use Hong Kong Post to deliver them directly to your home. Detectors are normally posted the day following order placement so delivery to the client is usually within 3-5 working days. We use specifically designed cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and each detector is in a plastic blister pack so you can be assured it will reach you in prefect condition. We receive emails every step of the way so we know once it has left the postal office and you have received your order.  

Q2. What happens if I miss my delivery/I am not home?

A2. Hong Kong Post currently emails our customers (on the email address the customer has provided when ordering online) to inform the customer when the parcel has been returned to the customers local postal office for collection. Hong Kong Post give a reference number and ask the customer to register a 8 digit password that must be provided to collect your Dragon FireEye package, usually within 14 days. If the customer doesn't collect the package within the time frame given, it will be retuned to us and we shall refund the order amount in full, less our standard postal charge (currently HK$40).

Q3. Do you deliver to any other countries other than Hong Kong?

A3. No, we only sell and post to Hong Kong residents and addresses.

Q4. My Dragon FireEye smoke detector isn't working correctly?

A4. Please follow the 'Trouble Shooting' section and in the Product Support section. If the problem persists, then please email us to return the unit if under Warranty. 

Q5. Do I have to activate my Dragon FireEye smoke detector once I receive it?

A5. YES-YES-YES. You must activate each Dragon FireEye smoke detector before you install it in your home. Press the centre test button for over 3 seconds until the red LED lights and then release the centre button. The unit shall then release a 'beep' indicating that the detector is activated and it is in operational mode/work status. You may then fix the detector to the ceiling or wall in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. 

Q6. Can I install Dragon FireEye smoke detectors in my office, factory or industrial building?

A6. No, the Dragon FireEye is designed for domestic/residential premises only and is NOT suitable for any commercial application.

Q7. Can I buy a Dragon FireEye smoke detector from anywhere else in Hong Kong?

A7. No, we don't permit anyone else in Hong Kong to sell our product(s). This way we ensure continuity, customer service and accountability.

Q8. How many homes in Hong Kong have a working smoke alarm?

A8. Worryingly, there is no legal requirement to have a smoke alarm in any home in Hong Kong, be it a new build build apartment, sub-divided flat or 40 year old social housing (the exception being a serviced apartment as that is classed as a hotel). There is also no legal obligation for private, corporate or social housing landlords to provide smoke detectors in the home even where there may be persons at an increased risk from fire ie. children, elderly, persons with a physical disability or hearing impairment etc. Smoke detector ownership in most developed countries is incredibly high, in some cases exceeding 80-90% of all homes having at least one smoke detector ie the UK and the US. In Hong Kong such data doesn't exist (we are pretty sure its less than 10%) but our main aim is to ensure that as many homes in Hong Kong as possible have smoke detectors installed to ensure the occupants are given warning of a fire condition to ultimately reduce the number of deaths that occur in Hong Kong every year from fires in the home.

Q9. Do I have to drill 2 holes into the ceiling to install my Dragon FireEye smoke detector?

A9. Yes, we, as a professional fire safety company recommend you install your smoke detector in accordance with the manufacturers instructions to ensure the warranty or function isn't invalidated. By using any other fixing method you run the risk of personal injury due to the detector hitting someone below or in a worst case scenario, the detector may come loose from the ceiling when there is a fire condition due to the heat and you may not get warning of the fire. Whilst it may be tempting to use a 3m sticky patch or mastic/adhesive we do not recommend this.  

Have a question you want answered about your Dragon FireEye? Please send us an email at technicalsupport@dragonfireeye.com and we shall respond in due course. 


Dräger PARAT® 5520 Escape Smoke Hood

We are delighted to be able to sell these escape smoke hoods direct to private residential customers plus our corporate clients across Hong Kong. Whether it is to give you and your family peace of mind at home and abroad or they form part of the solution to your corporate fire safety procedures (Security Officers/First Responders and/or persons with a disability who may not be able to evacuate) or are provided to VIPs for use at home and abroad, these escape smoke hoods offer a minimum 15 minutes protection from smoke giving the wearer enough time to reach a place of safety/fresh air. Small and compact and easily packed in a travel case for international travelers.


Dräger PARAT® 5520 - trusted and tested

The Dräger PARAT® 5500 fire escape hood was developed in cooperation with users – always with the focus on offering the fastest possible escape. Optimized operation and wearing comfort, a robust housing and a tested CO P2 filter ensure protection from toxic fire-related gases, vapours and particles for at least 15 minutes while escaping.


Dräger PARAT® 5520 - used by London fire brigade

After the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017 where 72 persons lost their life, London Fire Brigade now use these very same escape hoods to evacuate persons from smoke filled staircases and buildings. If you need anymore evidence that these smoke hoods actually work then please watch the video below to see how these hoods save lives across the world.



Manufactured to EN 403:2004 with 16 years of service life (simple 8 year filter change) they are more than the HK$300-$400 escape hoods quite simple because the Dräger PARAT® 5520 actually works. Protect you, your family and employees from fire for less than HK$3 per week. Available to order on our online store now.

Please note; delivery takes approximately 3-4 weeks as these are shipped from Germany so you get the full 16 year service life of each product purchased. All prices include delivery.


Please email us at technicalsupport@dragonfireeye.com for any issue or questions you may have. 


Dragon FireEye is a division of Dragon Fire and Safety Ltd, a Hong Kong incorporated company specialising in Fire Warden training and Fire Safety Management services to corporate clients across Hong Kong.